Monday, June 29, 2015

London matte painting

detail vew

 A matte painting I did from Turn:Washington's Spies, produced for FuseFX.  A hybrid of paint and photo-stitching,  painted in Photoshop and projected in Nuke.  I studied period maps of 18th century London to work out the floor plan.

original concept sketch
It started as a series of rough sketches for approvals, and then I gradually refined it over a couple of weeks.

The final matte painting was separated into depth layers and comped in Nuke.
Final comp

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Stanley J. Crebshaw said...

This is totally rad. I'm a layman, of course. But I never realized the complexity of projecting these types of matte paintings. Of course you have to create depth -- it all makes sense now. Thanks for showing the process of how it was completed.